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Russia Vs Canada  (Finals)
Sun 10.05.2009
Contents: What a Game !
 Canadians never stopped exerting pressure on a very disciplined Red Armada and obtained a quick jump in score at the 6th minute thanks to Spezza, assisted by Doan and Weber. Stress was at the max in the arena, all the Russian Fans were holding their breath in front of such a determination to win from the opponent. When Saprikin released the pressure by achieving a splendid shot from far into the net, game exitement reached a peak, which remained up to second period. Then Radulov suprised everyone at the 35th minute, accomplishing perfect solo moves, faking a goal shot, then getting the puck in the cage with great finesse, assuring a crucial 1 point advance to the current Champions. Until the very last second, Maple Leaf players never gave up, had great team play but were unlucky with equalizing opportunities. They finally had to let their rival add another World title, and accept their IIHF #2 international ranking downgrade. What a Big challenge for next Olympics Organizer !
Sweden Vs USA  (Bronze Medal)
Sun 10.05.2009
Contents: On the model of most games played since Quarter Finals, no goal has been entered during first period, which seemed to be an observation round. Johnson scored for the U.S.A at the 26th minute, giving little headache to their opponents, who finally equalized at the 34th minute due to Eriksson, Martensson and Weinhandl. This same line added another goal 2 minutes later, which gave “The Kronor” the Lead. In third period, Pavelski reduced the score at the 43th minute, relaunching the whole game. Swedish Team looked a bit stunned after that, but despite American better puck possession, Gunnarsson liberated his co-players and supporters at the 49th minute. Fourth and latest goal was given by the Swedes while the U.S had replaced their goalie in the very last minute. After 2 medals missed the previous years, Sweden can now be proud to come back home with a Bronze one.
Canada Vs Sweden 
Fri 08.05.2009
Contents: No stress for Team Canada who bravely won against tired Swedes. Roy started scoring at the 7th minute. Horcoff added his goal in the second period, followed one minute later by Roy at the 31th minute. In the third period, Eriksson gave his best shot to save Scandinavians’ honor. Game was mainly controled by North-Americans, not only Kings of faceoffs and powerplays but also puck possession leaders. How then could we expect another result tonight ?!
Russia Vs USA 
Fri 08.05.2009
Contents: After a first period without solution for the Russians blocked by disciplined U.S players, Dustin Brown took advantage of a clumsy opponent pass in the 24th minute to open the score. Then Kovalchuk surprised everyone shooting just after faceoff. The same Kovalchuk offered an advance thanks to his comrade Frolov who deviated his shot right to the cage. Two minutes before the end of 2nd period, Okposo gave the Americans a chance to stay in the game by scoring a new goal. Crazy third period was an exciting struggle for domination, when U.S.A commited penalty near the end allowing their opponents to score in powerplay, thanks to Radulov’s shot rebounded on Gorovikov, foiling Robert Esche’s attention. Today’s spectators have got what they paid for, enjoying watching offensive Russian players prevailing over Opportunist Americans who lacked a little something to head the ship for precious Finals.
Sweden Vs Czech Republic 
Thu 07.05.2009
Contents: Eager for last year revenge, the Czech did not save any effort from the very begining of the game. Swedes accepted challenge, which lead to an intense fight on the ice. Attempts were multiple on both sides, players giving their best. Despite major goal shots from Czech Republic, Men in yellow were the only to score in second period: Weinhandl in double powerplay at the 24th minute, Tarnstrom in powerplay at the 49th. During third period, Cajanek offered the only goal for his team, in double powerplay. Then Jonsson killed the game by scoring a third goal 2 minutes before the bell. We can notice that game level was as high on both parts, and that Goalies mainly made the difference: experienced Gustavsson against 22 years old rookie Stepanek.
Canada Vs Latvia 
Thu 07.05.2009
Contents: Inspiration was the great absent of this lazy game, where Latvians stayed satisfied defending on the neutral zone whereas Canadians did not give the guts we could expect from them at this level of competition. First period remained a draw. In the second part, most goals were scored: Heatley gave the first for Canada, Hamhuis the second, Galvins offered a comeback for Latvia, Stamkos did kill the hope just a few seconds after. Score so far: 3-1 for the North Americans. In the third period, Team Canada still played their offensive role, though with no big conviction whereas Team Latvia seemed suffering physically. Then, Vasiljevs enlightened Latvian suppoters&rsquofaces by scoring another goal. This new hope was almost immediately disappointed when Lombardi gave a further advance for the leaders. One thing is certain, this game might not be registered as the best in Hockey archives.
Finland Vs USA 
Wed 06.05.2009
Contents: Tonight spectators attended a fantastic game full of surprising reversals. Finland was first over-boosted, both on physical level and execution speed, exterting constant pressure. Though, no goal was scored on first part. Second period testified no more than 5 goals, 1 from Scandinavians (Niko Kapanen), 3 from USA (Brown, Oshie, Suter) within only 4 minutes range, and 1 last from Hyvonen. Victims of their recurrent penalties, Suomi Lions could not oppose enough success in front of galvanized Americans who did a great job, dominating second period and struggling to keep the score still in the third. Big up to Goalie Robert Esche and his reflex stop, which certainly offered the U.S their first semi-finals since 2004 in Prague.
Russia Vs Belarus 
Wed 06.05.2009
Contents: Stuck by importance of the game, both teams have not taken any particular risk in the first period. Koltsov opened the score in the second period, which started liberating the rival Red Team who equalized thanks to Proshkin, 3 minutes later. Then Belarus took a new advantage at the 34th minute with Antonenko’s goal, which again was catched up by Atjushov’ equalization. Just a few seconds later, Frolov gave a leading shot. At this point, The Russian Fans standing around the arena in superiority began to breathe. Before the bell rang, Salei from Belarus canceled this short advance and set back the counters at zero. Anguish could not be hidden on Coach Slava Bykov’s face, usually showing no emotion. For the break, he even decided to replace Goalie Bryzgalov by Eremenko. During ultimate period, 2008 Champion Kovalchuk gave the crucial goal just like last year against Canada. Conclusion is that even if it was no more piece of cake for Russia to dominate their adversary, they still manage keeping control on game and moreover, keeping their confidence.
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