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Canada Vs Finland 
Mon 04.05.2009
Contents: Canada has showed their limits through that game very engaged from both sides. Finnish did not let their opponent one break, pushing them constantly to commit penalties. And there were penalties: 11 against Canada, 8 against Finland. After Pihlman and Salmela gave a two goals advantage to the Blue team, the game got harder and harder. Finally, Spezza entered one goal in powerplay 3 minutes before end of first period. In the next, Niko Kapanen added a third goal in powerplay. Then Heatley reduced the Finnish domination 1 minute before end of second period. Heatley again equalized in the 50th minute, which lead to an unbearable shootout sequence. Suspense was at the max, and Stamkos miss gave victory to Scandinavians. Despite the result, Team Canada still remains number 1 in group F and will play against Latvia for Quarter Finals whereas Finland will face the U.SA. Nothing is certain anymore from now on.
USA Vs Switzerland 
Mon 04.05.2009
Contents: Tonight, the Local Team had to face Nervous Americans, who kept on provoking the supporters’ favourite, especially in the first period. Julien Sprunger even suffered serious damage following an extreme bodycheck from Backes, who was immediately asked to leave the game. Despite tension in the air, Ambuhl opened the score in double powerplay for the great pleasure of Swiss Fans.
   Hainsey equalized in the second period, where Americans had calmed down a little and demonstrated faster skating skills, stronger involvement, excellent puck transmission and expert penalty killing. U.S domination was obvious at that point. Higgins even scored another goal which was later canceled for high sticking. Team Switzerland got a new advance when Lemm scored a second goal for his Nation. But Higgins succeeded foiling goalie Gerber's attention 4 minutes later. Then Hainsey shot a missile to the net in double powerplay, which reversed advantage in favor of the U.S.  
   In the third period, the game kept on accelerating, and the White Cross Men exerted good pressure on the Yankees. Actually, they had no other choice than scoring 2 more goals within 20 little minutes in order to qualify. At the 50th minute, Switzerland started a 100mph counter-attack which ended to a goal scored by Pluss. The crowd was hysterical. The last 4 minutes that followed were perhaps the more intense moments of play in this competition so far. Unfortunately for hosting country, the Swiss did manage scoring another goal... only in overtime, which turned Latvia Happy, qualifying instead of Ralph Krueger’squad. Anyway, We vill all remember that Switzerland definitely had the potential to reach Quarter Finals. There was only missing a little chance.
Sweden Vs France 
Mon 04.05.2009
Honourable Goodbye for the Blue Cocks !
   We were expecting a worse result from a French Team who lost 9 to 0 last year against the same opponent. Huselius started scoring for the Vikings via a splendid distant shot. Nilson continued by deviating into the net a shot from Oduya. Tarnstrom throws the puck into the cage 1 minute later. In second period, during powerplay, Gunnarson deviates one more time a shot (by Martensson) and offers a 4th goal to his comrades. At last, on the French side, Lussier scores on one-to-one against the yellow goalie. Then it’s the turn of Bellemare who adds a new goal, in powerplay this time. Oduya counter-attacks through a massive shot from far deviated by blue defense which lands in the net. Sacha Treille then imitates the Swedish style and reduces the gap 3 minutes before the end of period by rebounding a shot from his partner Rozenthal. During last period, Jonsson will deviate a new shot, from Stralman and makes the conclusion. Although predictable, this Viking victory was the witness of a major improvement within the Blues game. In fact, the French had not finished in the top 12 teams since 1995. Small consolation, but at least it is a consolation.
Belarus Vs Czech Republic 
Sun 03.05.2009
Contents: No mistake was made by the powerful Czech squad this time. Defeat against Canada (score: 1-5) is almost already forgotten.
Cajanek scored 2 goals, one in the second period, the other 4 minutes before gameover, driven by Hemsky and Jagr. Elias had his goal too, assisted by Hemsky at the 40th minute. Team Belarus opposed a very fresh Stepanek in the cage, who numbered no less than 18 stops !  Qualifying round being finished for both teams, Belarusians know they will face Russia in Quarter Finals, a quite hardy task, whereas Czechs are still waiting to discover their opponent, who might either be Sweden, either U.S.A.
Latvia Vs Russia 
1- 6RUS
Sun 03.05.2009
Contents: Good hopes were still subsisting for Latvia after 4 straight victories, but standing efficient in front of the World Champions is another story. The unbreakable Russian block has accostumed us to a game looking quite relaxed, though turning to be a winning machine. One goal was scored by the Red Team in the first period (Kurianov), three in the second (Tereshenko, Tverdovsky, Kurianov). Vasiljevs saved his guys from a blank score at the 37th minute. Then Slava Bykov’s Men finished their work by increasing the gap with two other goals in the third period (Frolov, Tverdovsky). Looking really superior than any other team they met so far in the tournament (except Sweden), giving a forecast about who can make them fall reveals hazardous. Canada seems the only adversary capable of disturbing the two-headed eagle right now.
Switzerland Vs Sweden 
Sun 03.05.2009
Contents: Due to today’s defeat, Team Switzerland has no other solution than beating the U.S in order to qualify for Quarter Finals. Ralph Krueger’s men proved very approximate in front of a revigored and determinated Swedish selection. Oduya opened the score in the first period assisted by Eriksson and Weinhandl. Harju gave a new goal in the second during powerplay, assisted by Omark and Stralman. Omark assisted by Theornberg enlarged the gap in the third period, before Andersson scored the 4th goal, 3 minutes before the end, assisted by Persson. Hopefully for the arena spectators, Lemm saved hosting country reputation thanks to Jeannin and Ambuehl one minute later. This game offered Sweden qualification for the next round, confirming its #3 international rank.
Norway Vs Canada 
Sun 03.05.2009
Contents: Canadians were those who did the show during first period, scoring 3 goals to 1 (Lombardi, Zuccarello Aasen (NOR), Hamhuis, Stamkos), keeping pressing the puck holder, letting very few space for their opponents. On the second period, Norway multiplied shorthanded plays which enabled Maple Leaf Team getting 2 more goals in powerplay (Spezza, Doughty). During last period, Canada found it enough to keep their large advance without liberating too much fighting spirit. When considering how easy goals are scored in every game they play, we can hardly bet on any adversary capable of frightening these presumably invincibles.
Finland Vs Belarus 
Sat 02.05.2009
Contents: This unexpected Victory eliminated Team Slovakia and gave better chance for Belarus to qualify. The controls and tactics of both opponents remained a bit messy all game long. A very early goal (at the 5h second) shot by Demagin gave instant advantage to Former Soviet Union Republic. Niskala equalized at the second period, and no more goal was scored until the shootout session. We can only ask for the Finnish to recover from their exhausting two straight games. They will badly need it next Monday against Amazing Canadians, although they are already qualified for Quarter Finals.
Russia Vs USA 
Sat 02.05.2009
Contents: Team Russia did not have to force its potential in order to dominate disillusioned Americans. Same scenario occured for each of the three teams who were playing the day before: USA, Slovakia and Finland. They all lost their tonus or were lacking some of theirs players injured previously.
First goal was entered by Stempniak which seemed like a good start for the Stars and Stripes Team. The Russians woke up then and played a much more inspired Hockey, having their opponents loose their gameplay as an unified and solid group. Saprykin equalized, Perezhogin continued, and Mozyakin persisted. Three goals had been taken by the U.S in a single period. By the begining of second part, Radulov set the ultimate goal, keeping Men in Red away from taking any more risk and defending their superiority at score until the end. Team Russia is of course qualified for the Quarter Finals, and like Canada, did not show any weakness so far. The Champions are fit !
Czech Republic Vs Slovakia 
Sat 02.05.2009
Contents: No gambler could have bet correctly on such a result... While Slovakia had been beaten 3-7 against Canada a few days before and Czech Republic conquered by the same opponent with a score of 1-5, one might have thought that this game be better balanced. Moreover, Slovakia even got a very honorable game issue after meeting Finland yesterday (score: 1-2). Thus, nothing nor nobody could have predicted that Czech players would make it so easily. There is a good chance that this event remains historically a source of Mockery/Revenge for neighbor countries.
France Vs Latvia 
Sat 02.05.2009
The Blues are OUT !
   Over-dominated by a fresh Latvian Team, the Men in Blue have suffered yesterday game sequels against the U.S.   No point has been added to the board and despite this huge defeat, at least they feel happy to be still present at this level of competition.
At the 8th minute, Nizivijs opened the score assisted by Galvins. French defense was resisting so far. During second period, Cipulis added a goal at the 22th minute, quickly followed by Darzins. In the third period, Skrastins faked out goalie Lhenry at the 47th minute, followed by Jerofejevs 2 minutes later. Luc Tardif finally saved the honor of his team by banging the puck on a rebound, a few seconds before Ankipans, then Cipulis definitely turned the game an inferno.
Counting 4 victories in a row, among which the unexpected one against Sweden, Team Latvia has showed any miracle could happen again in the rest of this tournament. We can now better understand why the U.S did not convince facing the maroon-and-white squad for their first meeting.
Finland Vs Slovakia 
Fri 01.05.2009
Contents: Team Finland finally prevailed over a very defensive block of Slovaks who really improved their game in comparison with their previous meetings. Kapanen is definitely the Man of the game scoring the two goals of victory, wich last one was scored during overtime. Like Canada, Finland is now certain to play in quarter finals.
USA Vs France 
Fri 01.05.2009
David Vs Goliath
   Despite the big challenge of facing Team USA, free-minded French players had nothing to loose tonight. First goal by Okposo was scored in powerplay after 5 minutes, managing deflecting the puck from the edge of his stick while he was falling. Backes scored behind in double powerplay by standing just in front of the cage. In fact, Team France remained short-handed during more than half of the first period. Quessandier even took a 5' penalty. When statistics count 10 times more goal shots, then there is no question mark about the game outlet.
In the second period, American acceleration confused the helpless Men in blue and Shannon easily entered the puck shooting from far. Ballard completed the score at the 28th minute. On the French side, Zwikel executed a reverse pass deviated in the cage zone to the net by Yorick Treille.
The lack of agressivity of French defense let O'Sullivan increase the score at the 30th minute
   During A new French powerplay, Lhenry assisted Bellemare from the back of arena, action which ended by a second goal for the Blue shirt. Although the French opposed a much better resistance after a while, a shot of Johnson in powerplay guaranteed a 6th goal for the Americans in the third period.
The boards recorded a 41 shots to 16 proportion in favour of USA !
Obviously Team France was unfortunately not convincing. It missed the power, the speed and above all... the faith !
Canada Vs Czech Republic 
Thu 30.04.2009
Contents: What many Journalism professionals could have expected to represent a major fight proved to be a training session for Team Canada like any other already practised so far by this amazing Firewagon. Ales Hemsky modestly saved the honor assisted by his partner Jagr at the 58th minute, but actually, the result left a bitter taste for the Great Czech Team. One can explain this disappointing performance by the fact that they had played an exhausting game a day before against Finland. On her side, Canada remains undefeated.
Russia Vs Sweden 
Thu 30.04.2009
Contents: Team Russia took advantage of Swedish weaknesses whose forces had already been sucked up a day before in the game against the U.S.  However, the Vikings have worried Red Team coach Slava Bykov who might have had some doubt when Huselius gave 1 goal ahead to Sweden at the 50th minute (score 3-4). Conclusion was finally given in overtime by Kalinin. The current World Champions have proved by their fantastic long-distance shots and tactical moves around opposite cage that they’re still at the very top of International Hockey. Lots of spectators dream of a Russia-Canada revenge. Will that happen ?
Belarus Vs Norway 
Thu 30.04.2009
Contents: Qualified on the line yesterday against Team of Denmark, the Norwegians found a nice inspiration in this game against Belarus. Thoresen assisted by Vikingstad first scored in the first period. Trygg added an extra goal for the Polar Bears in the second. It seems that Belarusians woke up a bit later, eager to prove they have not stolen their Rank in group A just behind Canada. Ugarov and Grabovsky both scored in powerplay, which lead to a draw game at the end of third period. During overtime, misfortuned goalie Lysenstoen left the puck slide off and thus offered an easy chance for Salei to kill all the efforts of his team.
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