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 NEWS Hockey WC 2009 
2009 Challenge: USA, Finland, Canada, Russia & Switzerland Fri 24.04.2009
Rosters are Ready ! Wed 22.04.2009
Two days before competition startup, “Big 8” (8 best teams in the IIHF World Ranking) rosters are now available. Thus, one can realize for instance that Russia's coach mainly chose National resources instead of NHL superstars. One notices also that Sweden rather bets on the youth of its rookies, that Czech Republic remains faithful to its defensive game strategy, and that both Finnish and Slovak rosters gather partners belonging to clubs from no more than 7 different countries !
Czech Rep.
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Competition D - 7 Fri 17.04.2009
One small week before the first games of 2009 IIHF Competition, rosters of national teams are not sure yet. Of course, Switzerland being the hosting country, coach Ralph Krueger fixed his choice today. Helvetic Player Names can be found on Team Switzerland page.

About the Northen-American teams, 19 from the 23 maximum players allowed (20 forwards/defensemen + 3 goalies) where selected for Team USA, and 20 were named for Team Canada. Various expected players are finally not participating due to their NHL activity or injuries, which are quite common by the end of Hockey season. All along the week coming, all rosters should be determined with precision, and there still might be some surprises. Keep in touch.

Play Krokus band Live for the Action Opening Song
Contents : Commercial presentation designed by the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), demonstrating Swiss local landscapes in color, mixed with arena Hockey action in black & white. One may notice famous Canadian player Shane Doan holding World Cup in Moscow back in 2007.

   The 2009 IIHF World Championship will stand in Switzerland's Capital, Berne, but also in the suburbs of Zurich (Kloten area). The two cities are only 1 hour-train separated.

From Friday 24.04.2009 to Monday 04.05.2009,
during preliminary and qualifying games,
Group B (RUS, GER, SWI, FRA) and Group C (USA, SWE, AUS, LAT) fans will have to be in Berne whereas Group A (CAN, SVK, BLR, HUN) and Group D (CZE, FIN, NOR, DEN) supporters will get the action in Zurich.
From Wednesday 06.05.2009 to Sunday 10.05.2009, Quarters, Semis and Finals will be all played in Berne Capital.
Championship 2009 SYMBOLS  
One year after European Football Championship organization, banks & mountains country will celebrate its new main sportive event by editing a special post stamp. Designed by Artist Susanne Krieg from Basel, the image shows a skate penetrated by the puck (move a bit your head aside and you’ll see it). Will that kind of performance influence our players ?

Besides of this commemorative particular release, Skoda, the main sponsor of IIHF World Championships for now 17 years, has decided to launch a special character this season. The Mascot named “Cooly” representing a Swiss brown cow playing Hockey will stand on major merchandising products. The only risk the Administration would expose is the fans excess, driven by game fever, who might molest their sweet teddy roomster. Hope they’ll behave...
Last year Russian Victory Celebration in Locker Room
Play Russian Victory Celebration Song
Contents : After Canada has been defeated at home (score: 4-5), all the winners celebrate their victory together with coach and journalists right in the locker room, drinking, yelling, singing and dancing in a very.... Russian way !
Top 10 Goals WC 2008 Flashback
Contents : This video will remind you of the best goals from last year, during the world championship held in Canada (Halifax - Quebec city).
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